Samuel Fayette 
Edith Reece 

Samuel Fayette Elkins and Edith Reece Stewart were married in Johnson County and raised their family in the Buncombe area. They were the parents of seven children . 

Edith was the daughter of Sallie Reece and James Monroe Stewart. Her grandfather, Richard S. Stewart, was said to have immigrated from Giles Co., Scotland. 

Samuel Fayette was the only child of Mary Hileman and Hosea B. Elkins, son of Richard Elkins and Mary Ann Thornton. Richard Elkins' father, William was the son of John Whitney Elkins, an early settler of Johnson County. A Century in Egypt by J.A. Elkins (c1925) chronicles the history of the Elkins family in Southern Illinois.  According to this book,   "John Elkins, the Welshman, came to North Carolina from Wales when quite young, and with his family removed to Tennessee, and from there to Johnson County, Illinois, making the latter trip with a yoke of oxen hitched to a sled.  He settled on the Samuel Glassford farm, west of West Vienna.  He arrived in this county sometime prior to 1800, and after remaining here a few years ...went to Little Rock, Arkansas, where he lived to be 94 years old." (p. 63) 

Samuel Fayette Elkins was a poet-novelist whose work was published in the local newspaper. Following is a quote from his poem The Crystal World written after an ice storm in southern Illinois in 1927 and published in a brochure by the author.

"Across the fields some occult breath
Has sheathed from sight their wintry death;
From tufted grass, cathedral towers
arise in fairy-fashioned bowers.
And pendent from each bough and stem,
Icicles hang, a fairy gem;"

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